Alteration – Jerôme Blanquet

  • Pom Klementieff - Alteration VR movie


Continuing the theme of near-future tragedy, Alteration is the story of a man who volunteers for an experiment in recording dreams and memories.

When he begins, he finds himself haunted by a fledgling artificial intelligence named Elsa, who is seeking to learn about the world through human memories. Soon, though, her observations of him descend into a kind of emotional vampirism. Creator Jérôme Blanquet isn’t making a cautionary tale so much as a fever dream, exploring what it might look like if present-day AIs’ mass data mining got very, very personal.

« Blending science fiction and Surrealism, the film recreates the feeling of being unable to differentiate dreams from everyday life »
« Alteration turns the platform’s flaws into an aesthetic strength »


Position : VFX / VR Supervisor – Nuke Compositor lead

Skills: 360 Experience, Art
Client: Saint-George Studio